Remlinger Auction - Spring 2022

1959 Porsche Cabriolet 356A

  • 1600cc engine
  • 4 speed transmission
  • 44,xxx believed actual miles
  • Engine was recently tuned
  • Valves recently machined
  • Newer brakes
  • Vehicle always stored inside
  • Restoration complete in 1991 in Austin, TX
  • Interior showing in good condition
  • Exterior showing in good condition
  • Runs and drives well
  • Current owner bought the car in 1969 in California. The car then went to Texas with him and then moved to Minnesota.

Following the success of the original 356 (now known as the “Pre-A”), the 356A was introduced. It was part of the factory designation “Technical Program 1” (T1), followed by a revision in 1957 that resulted in T2. An open Speedster version aimed at the U.S. market along with a high-performance four-cam Carrera GS model was offered in addition to the standard coupe, cabriolet, and later Convertible D models.

Changes to the outside of the 356 were minimal, but a larger 1600cc engine was introduced along with revised suspension and wider tires. A keener eye will notice the addition of a rub strip below the doors and the use of enamel paint in place of lacquer. Interior changes were similarly minor with a flat-face dashboard following the contour of the now curved instead of the bent windscreen. Other options were the provision for a modern radio, courtesy lighting, and a dash clock.

In 1967, I was an infantryman in Vietnam. One day before going out, we were sitting around and talking about what we would do if we got home alive. Most of us were from California and most wanted to get a Corvette. I wanted a Porsche. When I got home, I bought a beat up 1967 Porsche 912.

I went back to college in 1969 and needed to get rid of the car payments so I traded in the 912 for the 1959 Porsche Cabriolet 356A. Prefered driving the 356 anyway – more fun.

It was my only car until 1975. After that it was just what I had to drive for fun once in a while. When I moved from Dallas, Texas to Austin, Texas I left it with an old girlfriend. She was supposed to drive it, and she kept telling me she was. When I went to Dallas to drive it back a couple of years later the engine was frozen. She had never driven it. I towed it back to Austin to get it restored. Couple of years later (around 1993) they called to arrange for pick up. It wasn’t completely done as I wanted. The European grab bars on the bumpers were not put back on. The “Porsche” and “1600” emblems were not put back on the back of the car.

More photos coming soon!!!