Remlinger Auction - Spring 2022

1929 Ford Model A

  • Supercharged big block Chevrolet 454 cubic inch engine
  • 700R4 4 speed automatic transmission
  • Original all steel Ford body
  • Custom fabricated headers
  • 8 uncut pipes all the way back (4 side pipes on each side)
  • Custom frame – 19″ wide rear tires
  • Rear QA1 coil over shocks
  • Front disc brakes
  • Bluetooth stereo

This car has been professionally assembled by certified professionals and comes with over 150 build photos. The build started with an all-original 1929 Model A and is titled as 1929.

Engine is a Chevrolet Big Block 454 with a 6-71 roots supercharger. The cooling system is made up of a stock style high flow water pump, into an aluminum 2-core radiator with high cfm electric fan. The fuel system is a brand new Holley Super Sniper dual 4-barrel self-learning Electronic Fuel Injection with in-car display. Fuel injection is supported with a billet Holley EFI fuel pump and Holley filter/regulator, and run with black braided AN fuel lines from a racing fuel cell between the rear wheel tubs. The 6-71 blower is topped with a Weiand 2×4 blower plate, two HVH tapered carb spacers, above a custom machined billet, 8 injector Water/Methanol injection plate system. The plate system is supported with a Snow Performance injection pump and gauge/control unit.  The only purpose of a water methanol system is to slightly increase octane rating of any fuel, but mainly to cool the intake charge more than 60+ degrees as it moves through the supercharger. This plate system could also be used for nitrous.

The transmission is a freshly rebuilt 700R4 4-speed automatic overdrive transmission with a trans fluid cooler. The transmission works how it should with a professionally adjusted throttle valve cable.

The body is all steel with original wood framing inside. The paint is mostly the correct dark blue, with areas of natural patina all over the car. The American Flag, taking up nearly the entire roof, is hand painted. There is no structural rust anywhere, only superficial corrosion allowed to exist for patina affect. Roof is all steel, no canvas. All new wiring harness. Pedal and cable assemblies are Lokar. The seats are brown distressed leather with adjustable sliding seat tracks, and frame mounted seat belts. Interior was designed with maximum room as a priority. Mounted in the rear is a Memphis Audio 28” model MXA46SB28 extreme power audio bar that can be controlled with an app by phone. The system is made up of 8 speakers, Bluetooth, AM/FM/Weather and is waterproof. Dash is made up of 11 Classic Instrument gauges to track the vitals, as well as the Holley Sniper touch screen display mounted tastefully on top of the steering column, which also displays all vital pressures and temps. All 4-side windows are new tinted glass with manual rolling handles for all 4. Rear window has matching tinted glass. Still sports the original style headlights, grille, and flip out windshield with new glass.